Making Your Experience Safe & Satisfying

Apply Good Judgment

The team regularly monitors site activity for scammers and other harmful behavior, but we don’t pry into your personal life to obtain a criminal background check when you register. This means that it is possible for a person to misrepresent who they are.

You have the responsibility to exercise good judgment in your interactions with people on the website:

* If your instinct is to avoid someone, then follow it, don’t ignore it.

* Be wary of individuals displaying any kind of inconsistency.

* Assess their honesty as much as you can.

Never forget that you have control over your situation, and can block individuals and report them whenever this is necessary.

Red Flags to Watch For

It can be hard to spot fraudulent behavior, so we’ve provided this list of red flags to help keep you safe. These signs of suspicious behavior should be taken very seriously, and reported immediately if you feel they are taking advantage of you or anyone else.

Be wary of someone who:

*Asks to talk outside of the site (on the phone or personal e-mails for instance) immediately.

*Attempts to escalate the relationship quickly.

*Claims to live near you but is currently traveling or working elsewhere.

*Asks for money or anything of value in the early stages of communication

*Asks for help shipping something, depositing money, or other form of assistance.

*Inquires about sensitive personal information.

*Acts inconsistently or erratically

*Tells suspicious or exaggerated stories

*Claims to be in a personal or financial crisis, and needs your help

*Acts and speaks aggressively

*Speaks in general, ambiguous terms without providing any real substance

Always Proceed with Caution

It can be easy to let your emotions take over when communicating, even in an online setting. No matter how comfortable you feel with a person, it is critical to take your time to really get to know someone and proceed with caution. Most of the people you meet here will be genuine, sincere individuals, but there are always scammers and fraudulent individuals who try to use the internet to take advantage of others. So always be safe, and proceed with caution.

Research Individuals on Your Own

We encourage you to conduct additional research before meeting someone in person. Use your favorite search engine and do a name search. Contact your state or city for public information on the individual. If you aren't comfortable with the information you gather there, you can even conduct a background check on them. This isn’t strange - these are necessary and acceptable actions that utilize common sense, so don’t be afraid to research people on your own.

Keeping Your Dating Experience Safe

Finally meeting the person you have made a connection with is very exciting. It is natural to become emotionally attached to the people you like and are attracted to, but it is also necessary to exercise reasonable caution, especially when meeting your date in person.

For your own safety, we encourage you to use these guidelines in meeting your date:

*Meet in a public place during the day, or at least a reasonable hour when there are many people out and around. .

*Make sure at least one person close to you knows when you are meeting the date, and when you expect to come back. .

*Keep your cell phone on you in case of emergency.

*Don’t drink much alcohol. For the first date it’s a good idea to abstain from alcohol completely, but if you do drink, limit yourself.

*Drive yourself. Never meet at your home, or let them pick you up from your home. Always drive yourself or use public transportation.

*Keep all personal documents (wallet, ID, passport, etc.) on your person at all times.

*Don’t go home with them. One date is not enough time to get to know someone, even if you have been communicating frequently online .

NEVER Share Private or Financial Information

If anyone asks you for the following information, please report that individual immediately.

Requesting this type of personal information is prohibited and is a clear sign of scamming behavior:

Your credit card number

Your bank information

Any private information that can be used to access your finances.

It is NEVER a good idea to send money to someone you meet online, for any reason they give. If someone asks for money or private information report them, for you’re safety, and the safety of other members.

Safeguard Your Account Information

Scammers often take advantage of people who access their accounts in public locations. If you are using a public access computer be sure to log out completely, and in public places be aware of your surroundings to ensure that no one is trying to gather personal information from your screen.

Be Careful About Clicking on URL Links

Sharing external links has become a huge part of online communication. Sharing links to youtube videos, facebook profiles, and your favorite websites is fun, and naturally acceptable. However, it is important to understand that links can be used fraudulently. So be careful about clicking external links, especially if the link brings you to a page that looks like another page that requests personal information. A posted link that brings you to the login page is likely a scammer trying to get your login name and password for instance.

This type of behavior is rare, as we frequently monitor our system for this “phishing” behavior, but if you ever come across this scenario or a similar one, report it immediately.

Reporting Suspicious Behavior

We take reports very seriously. We hold our members to a very high standard to ensure an enjoyable and comfortable experience for everybody.

If you feel that someone is acting in an offensive, suspicious, or abusive manner, please don’t hesitate to report them to us through our contact form.

We also appreciate when you report members who are using our services for commercial activity or fraud. This helps us keep our site pleasant and professional.